Looking for Clean Supplements?

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Supplements tend to be a big question that we receive being in the health and wellness space. Many clients aren't sure what supplements are good to take, which ones are effective, as well as whether or not they actually NEED to place them into your routine!

The word supplement means “in addition to” not “in replacement of” Meaning we use supplementation on an as needed only basis. The purpose of supplementation for us is to be able to either meet the need of an individual nutrient that cannot be met through food, or to make a fast correction with a certain issue so food absorption or your metabolism can be improved. 

Regardless of why it is taken, when we choose supplements we focus on these requirements:

  1. Quality: This refers to the type of ingredients chosen to achieve the desired effect. For example, there are many different types of protein that can be used is protein powders 
  2. Dosage: This is really important as it indicates how much or how frequently a person would have to take the supplement in order to receive its desired effect. Many supplements out there have the right ingredients, but have them in such little amounts that your digestion wont even have enough to process.  
  3. Approved: While there are many governing agencies that regulate what is allowed for human consumption, it is important to note that each country is different, and can have higher or lower tolerances for certain ingredients within a supplement. For us, we look for supplements that are Non GMO, FDA certified, ALL NATURAL. These distinctions indicate that each product has been vetted to ensure that no toxic chemical or non digestible ingredients are present or make their way into the supplements. 
  4. Proven: any supplement can make claims that the ingredients “help” or “improve” your health or digestive function as those claims are not malicious in nature, but what we look for are ingredients that are actually PROVEN. Proven ingredients are backed with studies and tests, to show real results and actual changes that a person can receive from the supplements they take.