3 Snacking Tips

Apr 22, 2019

 by Michael Costa

Snacking Tip #1: Watch out for added sugar. 


Sugar is a main concern when it comes to snacks, and so this needs to be the number one nutrient that you check. Your snacks should contain very little, or zero, added sugars. Items like protein bars, jerky, dried fruit, green juice, and trail mix often have added sugars and preservatives that you need to watch out for and be cautious of. Your snacks should have little to zero added sugars, and should be a nice blend of protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates. 


Snacking Tip #2: Check the serving size. 


When your snack comes in a package look at the serving size. It’s a popular technique for food manufacturers to give the nutritional facts for 2 or even 2.5 servings, on an item that you will likely polish off the entire package. 


Snacking Tip #3: Homemade and made-in-nature are best. 


As convenient as packaged health snacks are, you will always see better results by eating whole foods found in nature, or snacks that you’ve made at home with real food ingredients. Even the healthiest packaged protein bar from the store is going to contain preservatives and additives that are completely avoided in homemade foods. A handful of raw nuts, a piece of fruit with fresh nut butter, a hard boiled egg, some chicken breast on veggies or chopped flank steak on a salad are all better options than any packaged snack. When possible, stick with whole foods found in nature and snacks and meals that you make at home.