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Balance estrogen, reduce the stress hormone cortisol, and drop weight!

Decrease high levels of stress hormone cortisol, and balance estrogen and thyroid

When you hear the word Compensation, what the first thing that comes to mind? probably wages or a loss of some kind right? Did you know that the fat we store, and the chronic fatigue and burnout we feel is just the body compensating for the hormone called cortisol? When stress is high, or thyroid function is poor, we compensate by steal energy from the rest of the body's fucntions. Theres this program you will

  • learn how to balance and correct estrogen and its fat storing effects
  • learn how to speed up your thryoid to increase metabolism 
  • learn how to increase your testosteroneto bukld a more tone and lean body
  • learn hwo to reduce cortisol to tackle anxiety, and chronic fatigue

balance hormones using food!

From grocery store to dinner table we've got you covered! We will built out your nutrition protocol complete with nutrients profiles, meal prep guides, eating out systems, grocery list, and customized recipe book so all you have to do is shop, chop, and chow down!

  • built to support and correct your hormone panel
  • Family freidnly recipes so you dont have to make seperate meals
  • lifetsyle strategies with flexible nutriton to remove the yoyo dieting 
  • can be built for weight loss, pre/post menopause, & slow thyroid/metabolsim

Training built for your body type

When bettering our homrone panel, one of the most common issues is overtraining! Physical activity is a stressor on the body and can actaually RAISE stress hormone levels if not done properly or at the correct interval or time of day. Our coaches will work with you to make sure you are doing the right moves, and the right type of exercise so your hormones can heal. 

  • Can be done from the comfort fo your own home
  • Compete with mobility program and stretching protocol
  • instructional videos and physical assessment to make sure your form is on point!

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We keep you accountable

Have you ever heard the saying, you dont know what you dont know? We all know that we need to eat right, sleep more, and eat cleaner food. But when your busy work schedule colides with your at home family routine, the first thing to go on the back burner.... is YOU. We work one and one with you via our succes checkins to maie sure you stay on track, and have a game plan for the next week! 

  • 1 on 1 success checkins with your coach
  • weekly group coaching calls 
  • private facebook group to connect with like minded people
  • your coach has your back, so you can have your me time guilt free

A New Coaching Experience

We offer a total package that includes top-tier coaches and high-tech tools, and holistic and dietician grade hormone advice.
All that we're missing is you.

Who this program is for:

-Women who have just recently had children or are going through pre or post menopause symptoms

-People who are struggling with their slow thyroid and are having a hard time maintaining or losing weight

-People who suffer from IBS or digestive issues, where they always feel bloated and struggle to digest food normally

-People who have tried multiple weight loss or dietary programs but haven't been able to keep their metabolism or their previous results long term. 

Who this isnt for:

If you believe in quick fixes or want to take quick pills or shakes, this wont work for you. While this is only 4 weeks, this is the start of the journey and we want to make sure you have your head in the long term success game.

People who refuse to take action! A coach can only create and recommend solutions, they cant drive to your house, cook your food, and force you to implement them, so if you re looking to pay someone to do it for you, this isn't for you. 

If you aren't a team player, or want to hide yourself from the group or put other peoples success down, then this atmosphere wont make sense for you. 

If you have an all or nothing mentality, then every time you start hard, you will quit hard, so we aren't looking for 4 week heroes who will then just revert back to what they were doing before. We want everyone through this process to see long term results! 

Those who aren't willing to invest in their health success, nothing in life is free, and if you aren't willing to invest a small 4 figure investment in your health long term, how can we invest in you?

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